The perfect way to end the week

Over the past 27+ years I’ve worked with a huge number of different clients: the good, the bad and the positively ugly in the world of businesses that require copywriting services.

I’ve just completed a website for one particular company and, believe me, it’s been a dream to work with them. From the clear, concise briefing through to supplying high quality additional information through to minor revisions and liaison with their website builders (who were also great to work with), the whole process has been a dream – a smooth, seamless exercise which is the benchmark for how client / copywriter relationships should be.

I have a network of regular and long-standing clients who are also a dream to work with; it’s why I still work for them. But over the years I have also had some pretty awful clients: poor briefs, moving goalposts, gobbledygook corporate jargon, people who fail to pay or pay very late, businesses who say “I haven’t a clue what I want but I’ll know it when I see it”… I’ve had control freaks (nightmare!), businesses who NEED IT DOING NOW! URGENT! URGENT! (have they never heard of planning?), businesses who assume I have a crystal ball and can read their thoughts without the need to provide a copywriting brief at all – and worse.

In 27 years of copywriting I can usually (but not always) identify a ‘problem client’ when they get in touch: the kind of clients who set off alarm bells inside my head, the kind of clients that, these days, I say no to.

But what a perfect way to end a busy copywriting week with a client who sends me feedback like this: “We would like to thank you for all you have done over the last couple of weeks, the website looks and reads great. Many thanks once again, we will be sure to pass on recommendation of your work where possible in the future. Our only regret is that we didn’t get in touch with you sooner!”


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