“There was a time when British copywriting was considered the best in the world. Is that still the case?”

… so says the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) with regards to this video of a group of admen and women discussing the state of UK copywriting today. Basically, modern advertising is BORING. And long gone are the days of the funny, memorable, famous TV ads and posters that everyone remembers: Hamlet cigars, Heineken, Cinzano, etc. I started out in advertising working in the same building as two of these advertising ‘greats’: John Salmon and Tony Brignull (at the famous CDP, 110 Euston Road, London, home of some of the best copywriters ever to set pencil to paper). I have also won awards for my copywriting from the DMA who posted the above video on YouTube.

PS: There are a couple of junior copywriters in this group as well as the ‘oldies’. One has blue hair. (But, then, I have grey hair.) Not sure that they contribute in any way to the discussion (except to demonstrate the annoying modern habit of saying ‘like’ at the start of every sentence), but maybe that’s just old dyed-in-the-wool copywriter me who grew up in the heady ‘copywriting rules the world’ days of 1980s British advertising agencies.

PPS: Oh, and apparently, according to the DMA, it is “very hard to win a DMA award”. But I did (the DMA Award for Off-the-Page Advertisements)!

This is last year’s DMA Awards Ceremony.

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