Phew! I’ve been busy testing my new website across browsers and devices…


Testing my new website across different browsers and devices is a real pain! Just when you think it looks fine, something doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 10 or on iPad. Thankfully after a day’s code tweaking, everything seems to be fixed except for one small iPhone issue that I can’t seem to solve. So I apologise in advance for anyone viewing my new website on that particular iPhone model! There are a few other non-urgent tweak-ets that I will do once it’s gone live. I also want to add pages featuring individual copywriting services e.g. sales letter copywriting. Again, these can wait.

I’m a bit nervous about taking down the existing Creative Copy Copywriting Services website and uploading the new one. The existing website is my customised version of what started life as a website template which I purchased; the new website is all my own work, from the ground up.

It uses minimal Javascript / JQuery, instead relying heavily on html5 and CSS3 including Flexbox which is a relatively new type of coding which most browsers now support. There are also some CSS transitions and animations here and there e.g. on links and for headlines.

I’ve tested it across most screen widths from desktop through tablets to mobile phones as well as testing it in different browsers using the (fantastic but expensive!) tools.

I’ve also run every page through the code validator.

I’m not sure when I’ll do the switchover. Probably once I’m sure that everything seems relatively OK and, most important of all, I’ve checked that the text reads well!



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