And another copywriting testimonial!

I am still working on my brand new built-from-the-ground-up CSS3 and html5 Creative Copy Copywriting Services website. My fantastic long-standing clients have been really generous in sending through testimonials for me to use on it and the other day I received another one:

“I have worked with Bev for numerous years [since 2008] and her work has always been first class. I would go as far as to say that Bev’s copy has been an integral part of our success story! You’re fantastic and may we continue working together for many more years. Thank you for the outstanding work Bev!” Luke Dejahang, CEO, Co-Founder, Crown Pavilions, Oxfordshire

This is something the same client sent through at the start of our business relationship back in 2008:

“I LOVE YOUR WRITING STYLE BEV. YOU REALLY ARE A PRO! I think your style of writing is fantastic and I will be using you regularly from now on. Excited about using this new copy on my updated website. I am sure it will have a positive psychological effect on people reading it.”

And as I’m writing this he’s just emailed me with “Thanks, Bev, great job!” (an editorial article I wrote for him yesterday).

My most recent client has also promised to write a testimonial once his website is fully completed and so far he seems pretty happy with my copywriting especially as he is one of those people who has been stung by bad copywriting in the past.

In the meantime I’ll update the existing Creative Copy Copywriting Services website with the new testimonials.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for their testimonials!



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