When your bells-and-whistles website goes wrong

A few months ago I blogged about the newish trend in all-singing-all-dancing websites with massive images and text that swim into view from the top, left, right and bottom and then back out again. These websites can be very hard to navigate your way through and the visual gymnastics can leave you feeling quite poorly.

Then there are the occasions when it all goes wrong. Like today when I gave one of these bells-and-whistles websites another go. I was looking for job vacancies for a friend. It took me ages to navigate my way through all the visual gymnastics and then – hey presto! – the text and images did a vanishing act before my eyes.

All I was left with were some blank background colours. On every page.

This was in a Firebox browser. I checked it out in Internet Explorer and it seemed to be working OK there.

But a website should work across all browsers and devices.

So this space-age website design is failing on yet another count.

I had this discussion with a new client only last week. He’d approached me as a result of reading my post about all-singing-all-dancing websites that look fabulous but say very little – and how it can be mega difficult to find the information you need. And while you’re trying to find this information you begin to feel quite poorly with all the swimming images, text and other stuff going on.

At the end of the day your website needs to do its job which is to advertise your business and win customers. The rule of thumb is to make it as simple as possible for the potential customer to find what they need and respond. No matter how big or small the site and regardless of your product or service.

That is the primary purpose of any website and always will be.

And any website that fails to do this is failing to do its job.



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