I love website coding so much I could marry it

Yesterday around 7pm I had that ‘Eureka!’ moment when all the website coding I’d been tinkering around with for my new website ‘just worked’. I have learned how to do the coolest mouse roll-over effect ever and, just as important, I know why it does what it does and how to customised it for other uses.

My new website is going to take some time to put together. That’s because I want it to look just right, sophisticated and bang up to date. I also want to be sure that I’ve arrived at the stage where I can begin to offer html / website design as part of the overall copywriting package.

That would be fantastic because that way I get complete control of how the copywriting works in sync with the web design and vice-versa rather than having to ping the copywriting to a third-party web designer. So much time is lost when the web designer doesn’t display the copywriting as I intended it to be displayed. Or they make typos and other errors. It’s because I’ve been so frustrated with some web designers (not the regular web designers I work with, I hasten to add!) that I made the decision to turn my pretty-OK html skills into something I can offer as a professional service.

A one-stop-shop for copywriting and inexpensive web design.

I first began learning html back in 2005 when I created several incarnations of the school PTA website (I was the PTA Deputy Chair). What began as a pretty amateur website ended up being pretty fantastic, though I say it myself. Then my son left the school and the PTA now simply have a page on the main school website. My design has disappeared. Mind you, it needed someone with html skills to maintain it; there was no content management.

Oh well…

As I’ve been a bit under the weather over the past 6 months, I’ve spent the time bringing my html skills bang up to date. My desk is covered in hefty volumes of coding information for html5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery – a geek’s idea of paradise.

It’s my idea of paradise, too.

I can easily spend hours coding, tweaking, viewing, testing, then coding again while learning how to create a certain effect and understand why something does what it does.

I can lose track of time.

In fact I love website coding so much I could marry it.

But meanwhile I am shaping my brand new completely revamped website into a tidy, usable template / structure / skeleton that can be adapted for other businesses.

My new website won’t be live for a while. Not till I get it exactly right. And then, no doubt, I will continue to tinker with it like I’ve done with my existing website.

So watch this space…



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