And another copywriting testimonial!

I am still working on my brand new built-from-the-ground-up CSS3 and html5 Creative Copy Copywriting Services website. My fantastic long-standing clients have been really generous in sending through testimonials for me to use on it and the other day I received another one: Continue reading “And another copywriting testimonial!”


When your bells-and-whistles website goes wrong

A few months ago I blogged about the newish trend in all-singing-all-dancing websites with massive images and text that swim into view from the top, left, right and bottom and then back out again. These websites can be very hard to navigate your way through and the visual gymnastics can leave you feeling quite poorly. Continue reading “When your bells-and-whistles website goes wrong”

New testimonials from my clients

screenshotI’ve been gathering together some new testimonials for my new website – to add to the zillions I already have. Below is a sneak preview of what my current clients are saying about my copywriting services. And the pic is a sneak preview of (the top section of) my new website home page (it’s 100% responsive and contains some nifty transitions and other cool, modern CSS3 features. I’ve built it from the ground up i.e. no templates, WordPress, etc. Pure html5 / CSS3 coding)… Continue reading “New testimonials from my clients”

I love website coding so much I could marry it

Yesterday around 7pm I had that ‘Eureka!’ moment when all the website coding I’d been tinkering around with for my new website ‘just worked’. I have learned how to do the coolest mouse roll-over effect ever and, just as important, I know why it does what it does and how to customised it for other uses. Continue reading “I love website coding so much I could marry it”