Why it pays to regularly check that your contact form is working

Recently I contacted two small businesses – a health spa and a gastro pub – to make bookings. Neither has got back to me, presumably because their website contact forms aren’t working as they should be. As a copywriter that also dabbles in html on occasions, I know how tricky contact forms can be; they’re the part of a website that I leave until last. Getting them to work can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve added a Captcha code to avoid spam.

And even when they do work, your email client can direct them into your spam folder, so it pays to check your spam regularly or set up your mail filters to ensure that all emails with your ‘website contact’ subject line are deposited in your inbox.

Of course I could telephone the above businesses instead of using their contact forms, but – as I said in a recent blog post – customers can be lazy. And, after all, that’s what a contact form is for: to contact a business.

Each time someone gets in touch with you it is potential business and if your website contact form isn’t working, then it’s lost business.

Can you afford not to regularly check your contact form, email and other contact mechanisms?

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