Listening to the ‘listening bank’

IMG_20150114_095352550HSBC’s move to shift UK-based IT jobs overseas to Poland, China and India as part of its grand plan to cull 8,000 UK staff – AND get some of them to train their overseas replacements!!! – reminds me of the ‘good old days’ of the UK-based Midland Bank, before ’employer of choice’ (as it likes to be known) HSBC took over. (BTW the photo is of a Midland Bank advertisement from my school magazine circa 1972, in the days when banks were recruiting UK staff, not dumping them for overseas recruits.)

Back in the early 1980s (before I became a copywriter), one of my friends acquired a floppy 45rpm record produced by the Midland Bank as part of an advertising campaign to promote its tagline: The Listening Bank.

Following on from TV commercials and radio ads featuring the Midland Bank’s famous jingleCome and talk, talk to the Midland, come and talk to the listening bank – the bank had put together this promotional record comprising a stack of different versions of the jingle, in varying musical styles from heavy metal and punk to country-and-western.

It was hilarious and one of those brilliant publicity campaigns I’ve never forgotten. What a fabulous idea! Shame I can’t find any reference to it on Google. And shame HSBC, the ’employer of choice’, can’t be as creative in the way it treats its UK-based employees, hey…


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