Food for thought when it comes to updating a website

Oh no, my favourite holiday cottage website has been completely redesigned beyond all recognition! And now it’s really difficult to find what I want. I was used to the old website which, although quite dated, did the job splendidly. And I loved the way the old website reflected the personality of the holiday cottage company as a small, friendly business based in a tiny Devon village, almost like the proverbial “corner shop”.

So not only have they made it more difficult (in my opinion) for people to find the right holiday cottage, they’ve lost their unique personality. The result is something that looks bland and which doesn’t differentiate the company from any other holiday cottage company on the Internet.

And I imagine that I’m not the only regular customer to have been irritated or alienated by the change.

I am currently working on a website for a small holiday cottage company based in another part of the UK. Although their old website was problematic, we were mindful to retain its personality which admirably reflected that of the company itself. We were also mindful of the need to make it easier for website visitors to find the perfect holiday cottage and to access essential information.

But to remove my copywriter hat for a moment… As a consumer, it’s so frustrating when something like this happens – when purchasing products or services is made harder rather than easier.

And when you feel that they’ve just gone ahead and done it without first researching into what existing customers want. Because, as we all know, it’s vital to hang onto existing customers and keep them happy.

Because, as I begin to look for somewhere for our UK summer holiday, I am not happy.

I feel alienated.

And I have written and told them so.

Not that it will do any good.



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