Today’s clients have been with me since 2003 & 2004!

Yes, I’ve just checked my files and I’ve been copywriting for one of today’s clients since early 2003! So we’re into our thirteenth year together. I’ve been copywriting for 27 years in total which means that I’ve been copywriting for this software solutions company for almost half that time!

Today I’ve also been copywriting for a design studio client who has been with me since 2004, which is pretty good going.

I’ve been talking to another regular client this week; I’ve been copywriting for them since 2007. I’ve been involved in all three of their websites as their high-end handmade furniture business has evolved and grown over the past nine years.

One of my other very regular clients has been with me since 2008, and – like the others – his upmarket garden gazebo business has grown massively over that time.

It’s really great to work with a business from its early days and to see it grow over the years. With all three of the above businesses I originally dealt with the founder, but these days I tend to deal with their marketing teams as they’ve taken on more staff – and all have prospered during the recent recession.

Great stuff!


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