PowerPoint presentation lacking ‘oomph’?

Untitled-111Here’s a great website which I found really helpful when I was trying to drag a regular PowerPoint presentation into the 21st century. Having an application like Photoshop helps, but you can still inject life into your PowerPoint presentation simply by changing the colours and fonts (be sure to use a common font if you’re going to be presenting on a third-party laptop which may not have unusual downloaded fonts).

You can also transform your Powerpoint Presentation by making sure that the slides support your script rather than repeat what you are saying.

I’m speaking at a conference in Edinburgh at the end of next month. My old PowerPoint presentation comprised the usual white background, black Ariel headline and bullet points.


Then I came across Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint (by @slidecomet : based on an ebook by @ThisIsSethsBlog) and – hey presto! – a little wizardry and you wouldn’t recognise it!

But at the end of the day, never forget this: People are there to listen to you speak, not to admire your great PowerPoint Presentation.

But having something visually memorable does help.

And if you’re at all worried about sending your audience to sleep, a strong PowerPoint presentation could keep them awake!


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