Another ‘fail’ for customer service, this time from M&S

Just because you’re a big retailer doesn’t mean you can afford to lose customers. Time was when M&S (Marks & Spencer) was a ‘Penny Bazaar’ in Leeds market. Presumably customers loved their products and service so much that M&S grew into the huge retailer it is today. Indeed my family has been shopping at M&S for almost as many years as it’s been around. Both my grannies swore by it, my mother too and, up until Friday, so did I.

On Friday, at the Marks & Spencer branch in Meadowhall, Sheffield, I received the WORST customer service I have received in my entire life. And I was entirely within my consumer rights for returning a faulty product.

In fact the customer service was SO BAD and SO RUDE that I promised the guy on the refunds and returns desk that I would blog about it.

He said he didn’t care what I did. I could go right ahead and do whatever I wanted.

So here I am, keeping my promise to him, and blogging about the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. Anywhere.

His rudeness and ‘finger pointing’ at me as the cause of the fault in the particular M&S product and reluctance to refund my money has left a bad taste in my mouth. I had to stand my ground until he eventually gave me a refund. You’d have laughed if you’d have seen my reaction at his ‘going over and beyond the call of duty’ rudeness. I was completely gobsmacked! I actually said to him: “Are you normally this rude to customers?”

Funny how just one person can change your entire perception of a company.

Which is why I told him that I would never be shopping at Marks & Spencer ever again.

He said he didn’t care where I shopped; it was entirely up to me.

So there. I’ve been as good as my word, kept my promise and blogged about him and the appalling customer service delivered by Marks & Spencer, Meadowhall, Sheffield.

Job done.



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