“We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service…” De da de da de da

I have spent much of the morning ‘on hold’ while trying to get through to a large Yorkshire car dealership. I’m buying a new car and they told me I could reserve a certain vehicle for 48 hours by paying a £200 reservation fee. If I liked the car then this would be taken off the purchase price; if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be charged. But, good God, getting them to stop, refund, or whatever this £200 (because I don’t want that particular vehicle having viewed it) is like trying to pull teeth.

I’ve been passed from pillar to post and nobody seems to know what they’re doing or have the authority to do it, let alone put a stop on the £200 or refund me. And meanwhile I’m being put ‘on hold’ with one of those confounded computerised messages that tells you how popular they are and how amazing their customer service is.

Frankly, having been through all of this, not to mention some less-than-welcoming customer service when I arrived at the dealership in Wakefield yesterday, I wouldn’t buy a car from them if they gave it to me for free.

So the point I want to make, and I’ve said this before on this blog, is this: if you promise to deliver outstanding customer service then make sure you do.

PS. In the end I bought the new car from a small independent dealership I know and trust (in Harrogate), having bought my last 3 cars from them. And received ‘outstanding customer service’ every time.


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