Today’s clients have been with me since 2003 & 2004!

Yes, I’ve just checked my files and I’ve been copywriting for one of today’s clients since early 2003! So we’re into our thirteenth year together. I’ve been copywriting for 27 years in total which means that I’ve been copywriting for this software solutions company for almost half that time! Continue reading “Today’s clients have been with me since 2003 & 2004!”


Gosh, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

In fact January has been a really busy month for copywriting. But these last two weeks have been exceptionally busy, starting with a huge website for a celebrity chef and two batches of social media copywriting: one for a business networking organisation and the other about an award-winning college website. Continue reading “Gosh, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!”

PowerPoint presentation lacking ‘oomph’?

Untitled-111Here’s a great website which I found really helpful when I was trying to drag a regular PowerPoint presentation into the 21st century. Having an application like Photoshop helps, but you can still inject life into your PowerPoint presentation simply by changing the colours and fonts (be sure to use a common font if you’re going to be presenting on a third-party laptop which may not have unusual downloaded fonts). Continue reading “PowerPoint presentation lacking ‘oomph’?”

Another ‘fail’ for customer service, this time from M&S

Just because you’re a big retailer doesn’t mean you can afford to lose customers. Time was when M&S (Marks & Spencer) was a ‘Penny Bazaar’ in Leeds market. Presumably customers loved their products and service so much that M&S grew into the huge retailer it is today. Indeed my family has been shopping at M&S for almost as many years as it’s been around. Both my grannies swore by it, my mother too and, up until Friday, so did I. Continue reading “Another ‘fail’ for customer service, this time from M&S”

“We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service…” De da de da de da

I have spent much of the morning ‘on hold’ while trying to get through to a large Yorkshire car dealership. I’m buying a new car and they told me I could reserve a certain vehicle for 48 hours by paying a £200 reservation fee. If I liked the car then this would be taken off the purchase price; if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be charged. But, good God, getting them to stop, refund, or whatever this £200 (because I don’t want that particular vehicle having viewed it) is like trying to pull teeth. Continue reading ““We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service…” De da de da de da”