In an age of bad TV advertising, this Mars Xmas ad gets my vote

Untitled-1How refreshing to actually get an imaginative TV advertisement for a change, this time from Mars, its first TV ad for Celebrations (chocolates) in 10 years. The ad is by one of the big advertising agencies: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. Campaign magazine says:

The spot opens on a living room at night time, with four Christmas decorations having come to life: Father Christmas, an angel, a snowman and a Nutcracker soldier. 

The animated characters are on a mission to break into a box of Celebrations and try to open it by dangling from the feet of a Gingerbread man decoration. The characters suddenly freeze when a man enters the room, before the strain becomes too much and they tumble in to the box.

Personally I’d have left it there, but the ad then has the characters (including the decapitated gingerbread man) emerging from the box.

I don’t think it needs this end flourish, but who am I to argue.
Interestingly, this is one of those ads (created by Tim Riley, the head of copy and creative partner at AMV BBDO, and directed by Dom and Nic through Outsider) where no copywriter was required because there are no words or slogans, apart from the existing tagline.

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