Let’s ask customers what they think – and make it impossible for them to respond!

As ever, the service at our local Post Office this afternoon was unfriendly and tedious, with a long queue and just one person serving – the most miserable woman on the planet. So I picked up a yellow “Your chance to win 1 of 5 giftcards worth £100” card which invites customers to tell the Post Office what they think. Naturally I wanted to tell them about how the service at my local Post Office branch is consistently unfriendly bordering on rude.

But – oh – it’s impossible to complete! You can’t complete the online survey without something called a Branch Response Code which is supposed to be included on the bottom right of the card, but isn’t.

And I can’t find a Branch Response Code online anywhere. Ah, but then I notice there’s an 0800 number to call. So I call it expecting to speak to someone who can give me the relevant Branch Response Code for my local Post Office branch. But oh no, there’s just an automated voice asking me to key in the elusive Branch Response Code and when I don’t because there isn’t one, it just keeps asking me to do it.

Great. Fantastic. And just like my visit to our local Post Office, an irritating, annoying and total waste of time.

How about a survey asking customers what they think of the Post Office survey to ask customers what they think?


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