Oh dear, another would-be copywriter…

Yet another email arrived in my in-box today from a would-be copywriter asking if I could provide them with copywriting work experience… Sadly, the email looks as if it’s been dashed off in a couple of minutes. The English is poor, sentences don’t begin with capitals and links don’t work. Initially I deleted it. Then I retrieved it, deciding that it would make a good blog topic for today. Here is my response:


Can I suggest you fix this link as it doesn’t work: [link]

Also can I suggest you take a little more care over your covering email? As you have contacted me via my website, you must know that I’m called ‘Bev’ rather than ‘to whom it may concern’. Also, as you are seeking copywriting experience, it’s vital that your email is top-notch. Sorry, but it isn’t. It looks as if it’s been dashed off in a couple of minutes. For example your opening sentence begins with a lower case letter…

As a potential copywriter you also need to be able to take constructive criticism – like the above – without taking it too personally. I hope I haven’t offended you, but it really is important.

And here is her email (I’ve removed identifying information):

To whom it may concern,

my name is XXXXXX, I am a third year English student living in XXXX and am looking to gain some experience in the copy writing sector. My interest in this area of work stems from previous experience writing for XXXXX magazines XXXX (2014) and XXXX (current) and also having an interest in marketing. I am taking study leave for the month of XXXXX 2016 and am looking to use my time effectively with hopes of gaining new experiences with your company. I am sending this email today to see if it is possible for myself to undertake some voluntary work with you during this time.
Please find attached my CV and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

I will say it yet again. Just because somone has a degree in English and fancies a career as a copywriter, it doesn’t mean they have what it takes to be a copywriter.

And, as we’re talking about copywriting here, any covering letter or email must be first-class because creative directors will make assumptions based on how they’ve been put together.

However I have to hand it to this particular would-be copywriter. At least she bothered to reply to my email back to her. In the past I’ve replied to aspiring copywriters with tons of hopefully helpful advice only to get nothing so much as a ‘thank you’.

So she gets a thumbs up for being polite and having thick skin – something that you need buckets-load of in our industry.


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