ALWAYS deliver on the promises made by your website

In a bid to fix this confounded sciatica which I’ve been enduring for two weeks, I decided to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. I know the local gym has a visiting physio because I’ve used him before. So I filled out the form on their website requesting that the physio contact me ASAP. That was at the weekend. It is now Thursday.

Meanwhile, I’ve sourced another physiotherapist via the Net. And, yes, he did get in touch with me. He called me right back. I’m seeing him this evening.

There is no point in asking prospects to contact you via your website if the mechanics on that website aren’t working and the enquiry never gets to the person concerned.

Maybe the enquiry is ending up in a spam folder, maybe it’s bounced for whatever reason, maybe it’s been ignored by whoever checks incoming emails and enquiries. Or maybe the physio has received the enquiry but hasn’t got around to contacting me yet.

Who knows.

But what I do know is that they’ve missed out on my business by having an enquiry mechanism that doesn’t work.

With large websites stuff can often get overlooked. Like links that don’t link or forms that don’t work. Often it’s the links in the footer section of a website that don’t link to anything.

So now and again it’s a worthwhile exercise to go through the website clicking all the links and sending off all the forms just to check that everything is in good working order.

Because if things aren’t then it really can lose you business.


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