Been AWOL for a while. Here’s why.


Me feeling sorry for myself and in pain!

Not only have I been recovering from a radial head fracture to my left elbow (as a result of my beloved husband cycling into me and knocking me off my bike) plus a massive range of cuts and bruises, but… Because I’ve been attempting to maintain my physical fitness while injured by doing various keep-fit stuff (in an unhelpful asymmetrical way), I’ve put my back out. (That’ll teach me!)

For the past 10 days I’ve had excruitiating sciatica / piriformis problems on my left-hand side, all the way down from – er – my rear (shall we say) to my ankle. Aaarrrggghh! The pain is worse than the fracture!

I can’t sit or lie down without being in agony. So this is why I’ve been keeping a low profile, sticking to existing clients’ copywriting projects rather than taking on new copywriting – or writing this blog.

The Good News is that I seem to be on the mend. My elbow is coming along just fine, and the sciatica seems to be getting better But no hiking or biking or anything else sports related for a while (apart from a sports massage by a qualified sports physio).

Meanwhile, to keep my spirits up, get my mind off the pain and keep my copywriting skills going (because that’s the trouble with copywriters, we just have to write!), I’ve started a new blog about my biking and hiking activities. Or, to be more precise, the biking and hiking I did before the injuries – and which I will hopefully get back to doing before too long!


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