A major reason why your sales letters might not be working

As a copywriter, the first thing I do when I get an enquiry about copywriting a sales letter for someone is to check out their website because, ultimately, this is what I will be asking readers to do: visit the client’s website for more information.

So it’s vital that the website is as hard-working as the sales letter.

If a website is top-heavy with text, full of grammatical errors or doesn’t get to the point and answer the “what’s in this for me?” question immediately, then the sales letter has failed.

Regardless of how strong that sales letter might have been in the first place.

That’s the thing about sales letters. I can only do part of the job of converting prospects into customers. There are lots of other factors involved – from the quality of a website’s design and copywriting through to the kind of response people get when they call a number. Not to mention the product or service itself which must add up to the promises I’ve made in the sales letter.

So when people ask me for proof that my sales letters work, I can only say that – yes they do work as far as getting the reader onto the website or calling a telephone number is concerned.

The rest of the process is out of my control. Unless, of course, I’ve been hired to write and / or critique the website as well.


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