Come on, Tesco, a little incentive to complete the survey wouldn’t go amiss

Tesco wants customers who have used their home delivery service to do an online customer satisfaction survey about their recent grocery orders. With a dozen or so similar surveys coming through every few weeks from various companies, I simply can’t be bothered.

So why not offer an incentive like some companies do? Either entry into a prize draw or – in the case of Tesco – some extra Clubcard points, perhaps? Or, if they were feeling extra-generous, a voucher off my next online shopping order? In the month that Tesco withdraws its Fuel Save scheme, it would make them seem less mean – and also give time-strapped customers like me an incentive to let Tesco know what we think.

Oh, and the prize for the Most Customer Unfriendly Survey of the Week has to go to the NHS who contacted me with an automated telephone survey about my recent visit to A&E with my broken elbow.

And the call came through when I was having my evening meal.


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