You would love this client, you really would

I mentioned this particular client in an earlier blog about my dream clients. Yesterday I was thrilled to hear that he has not only taken on more staff to assist with marketing his high-end product range but he’s expanding the collection. Is there nothing stopping this guy?

Basically, this individual has come through the recent recession guns blazing. He is bigger, better, indeed one of the best, if not ‘the best’, in his field. So today I told him how thrilled I am for him and how proud I am to be copywriting for such an organisation.

Our relationship goes back to early 2008. Back then, he had a superlative but small product range and a huge passion and focus, yet his marketing material was pretty awful, and he knew it. So he brought me in to assist as his copywriter and I’ve been copywriting for him ever since.

You’d like him if you met him or talked with him over the phone. He lives and breathes the business that he built from scratch following a career change which would surprise you if you knew what he used to do for a living.

You can’t help but get drawn along by his enthusiasm and energy. Okay his briefs can often be either paragraphs of waffle or just a few words, usually tapped out on his smartphone at God only knows what time of night. But having worked with him for so long, I know what he’s on about. And he usually says something to this effect at the end of each ‘brief’ e.g. “You know what I mean, Bev, just get writing!” Also, he is one of those wonderful clients who rarely changes my copy. The only changes he makes are if I’ve got the facts slightly wrong as a result of a midnight notes-on-a-smartphone brief.

But this guy has an instinct for what works and what doesn’t in the world of advertising and marketing. He is a dream to work with because he just ‘gets it’. Unlike some clients you feel as if you’re walking on air rather than wading through treacle.

Living and breathing his business 24/7 tends to mean that the briefs come in at odd hours of the day or night. And they are always urgent.

But this doesn’t bother me, because I really like the guy. I like his enthusiasm, energy and passion. And I am bowled over by how his business has grown in size since we first met. This guy even has royalty on his client list plus some of TV’s most ‘difficult-to-please’ clients.

And he always pays me on time.

So today I sent him an email to tell him how much I like copywriting for him, how I get along really well with his new marketing team and how thrilled I am at his latest expansion plans.

Long may the relationship continue!


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