A brief to get my teeth into – once the dentist has fixed the broken enamel

By yesterday I was feeling pretty down in the dumps with this confounded fractured elbow and all the cuts and bruises that have come with not only falling off my (weighty mountain) bike, but ending up with my 14-stone husband and his (even weightier mountain) bike landing on top of me. Not good… So, following a good night’s sleep courtesy of a very effective sleeping pill, I feel a heck of a lot better today. And the latest copywriting brief that’s popped into my inbox has cheered me up no end.

As a copywriter, I love a product that comes with so many benefits it has me jumping up and down in my seat (ouch, mind those scary yellow/green leg bruises…) A product that can’t fail to excite the audience and get them to buy – or at least test it out i.e. We’ll prove to you that it does what it says on the tin or your money back, kind of thing. With an extra incentive to place a repeat order, hopefully building up a loyal client base.

The brief is for a sales letter, the kind of sales letter that almost writes itself because it’s such a great product. The trick is to keep the sales letter as brief as possible while conveying as many product benefits as I can in a way that excites and motivates the customer.

Actually, a sales letter that writes itself isn’t such a bad thing for my poor left arm, either. I can now type with two hands again, but every five minutes or so I have to stop through discomfort. For someone who types at the speed of light, this is a bit of a pain. Literally.

But, anyway, the client knows I’ve fractured my elbow and is prepared to wait a few days until it improves.

Then bring it on – fire that sales letter over to me so I can get my teeth into it.

(That is, when the dentist has fixed the broken tooth enamel from the bike tumble…)


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