Cafe in need of kerb-appeal


Empty cafe

On the hour-long walk back from a meeting this morning (I can’t drive or cycle for 6+ weeks thanks to broken elbow), I thought I’d grab a sandwich and a cappuccino at a cafe / deli my sister’s been talking about – and immediately my marketing / copywriting head kicked in.

For a start, from the street it wasn’t immediately obvious that it was a cafe or deli at all. You can’t see the eating area or the service counter and the lack-lustre window display doesn’t help: a shelf of tins and jars plus a jute shopping bag filled with bubble-wrap.

There was no menu on display outside, either, and nothing to say that the cafe also does takeaway sandwiches, etc.

Looking towards the coat hooks wall

Looking towards the coat hooks wall

On entry I was greeted by a blank wooden partition wall with coat hooks (how odd!), but still no sign of the cafe or the deli counter…

So I was having to jump through several hoops to actually decide that, yes, this was somewhere I wanted to eat.

Once inside the (not surprisingly empty) cafe, the decor was OK, the staff friendly and attentive (if you factor out the scary-looking boss who was roaming around), and the food excellent.

But the whole time I was chomping at the bit to suggest ways they could improve their kerb-appeal.

And, as another way to encourage repeat and new custom, why not offer a free something-or-other or a money-off voucher for next time – plus another to hand to a friend?


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