My copywriting works – and here’s the proof

It’s fantastic to come back from holiday to an email like the one I received this morning. It’s from a client whose original website I wrote a while ago. His business has been going from strength to strength so he’d like me to produce some copywriting for a new website. This is what he said:

“Some time ago you very kindly worked on our current website and we’ve been thrilled with the results. We’re now in the process of completing a new website for another product range and would love to use your services again.”

Funnily enough, another old (and regular) client also contacted me over the weekend to request some additional copywriting for his website; his business is expanding at a rate of knots, which is fabulous news – for him and for me.

This morning I’ve also been working on some copywriting for another old client; he needs his website updating now that his business has grown from just one employee to 25 with a move to bigger premises and an expanded range of services.

Finally (possibly!) I have a very long-standing and regular client who needs some more copywriting. Over the years I’ve produced sales letters, website copywriting, articles and press releases for this client, and now he’d like me to help out with some business tenders.

It’s great that my copywriting has played a part in these organisations’ growth during what has been a tough time for the economy at large.

Without a doubt, my copywriting works!


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