Excuse me!!!!

Clicking onto the Drum (marketing) website today I came across this report about a Costa Rican beer ad which risks stopping a few car drivers in their tracks when viewed from behind!!


Creative Copy Copywriting Services – new website!

I have been busy updating and re-vamping the Creative Copy Copywriting Services website so it works better across all devices – from desktops through to mobiles. I still need to update some of the text such as the individual copywriting services when I have time, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it. And today Creative Copy Copywriting Services seems to be on page #1 of Google. Although, as we all know, Google tends to yo-yo websites around…

Not just a copywriter, but a customer too. And I don’t like being ‘processed’.

Being a copywriter with a 27-year background in advertising, marketing, etc has made me super-vigilant when it comes to observing customer service – good and bad. This weekend I got both as my mum and I celebrated her birthday with a weekend break and two different restaurant bookings. Continue reading “Not just a copywriter, but a customer too. And I don’t like being ‘processed’.”

NEW: We now offer technical writing for the engineering industry!

Paul Osborne BWHere at Creative Copy Copywriting Services we are delighted to welcome experienced electrical engineering consultant, Paul Osborne, to our team. Paul will be handling technical and engineering writing such as technical operation and maintenance manuals, building log books and much more. Paul’s CV reads like a “who’s who” amongst the best-of-the-best of UK engineering with past clients including the MOD, Britcon, Cemex, Network Rail, GE Aviation, Mott MacDonald, Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, Wessex Water, South East Water, Anglian Water, Southern Water, Three Valleys Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, BAM Nuttall, Costain, Sellafield, United Utilities, Kelda Group and BAE Systems. Watch this space for more about the technical writing services offered by Paul Osborne. Meanwhile you can find out more about Paul here.

How long or short should your sales letter be?

As a copywriter, I’ve seen (and indeed written) sales letters that span from one page to 50-plus pages. And, as a rule, regular businesses’ sales letters fall into the first category (one or one-and-a-half pages max) while the epic sales letters tend to be the preserve of investment opportunities, money-making concepts, internet marketing and so on. These are what I would describe as ‘American-style sales letters’ because they’ve been used in the States for decades. Also, many people believe that they work better over there than in the UK. Some people call these ‘get rich quick’ sales letters. But whatever your product or service, how long should your sales letter be? Continue reading “How long or short should your sales letter be?”

Copywriting: What’s the #1 thing I ask myself ALL the time?

Whether it’s a sales letter or a website, the #1 thing I ask myself throughout the entire copywriting process is this: If I were the customer, what would I want to read? What questions would I want answered? What niggles or reservations would I have? How much time have I got to read this? And most important of all, am I actually bothered? Continue reading “Copywriting: What’s the #1 thing I ask myself ALL the time?”

Naughty, naughty: Why I don’t trust phoenix companies

Thinking about writing a post about clients that go bust owing the freelance copywriter money, I thought I’d Google an old offender from the late 1990s – an advertising agency based in Headingley, Leeds, which I freelanced for on a regular basis. Then one day out of the blue they went bust and my invoices went unpaid. For years afterwards I received huge missals from their official receiver, none of which was good news as regards the four-figure sum they owed me. As a sole trader, this hit me hard. Continue reading “Naughty, naughty: Why I don’t trust phoenix companies”