Customer, forgive me for having dared to contact you…

As a freelance copywriter, one of the many things that has me screaming “Aaarrrgghh!” when I do a crit of a client-written sales letter is when it begins with something like: “Please forgive what is a direct approach…”

Imagine if you were in a store and the salesperson tiptoed up to you, a terrified look on their face, and whispered: “Please forgive me for approaching you”…?

Or imagine you were in your local market and the stall-holder looked up, mortified, and apologised for having a stall piled high with fruit and veg?

Good God, there is one and only one reason for sending out a sales letter and that is to get sales.

And you won’t get sales if you apologise to the potential customer for contacting them.

Going back to my Magic Margin post

The rule of thumb is that, when you write a sales letter, you should focus exclusively on your Magic Margin and no-one else. As a reminder, your Magic Margin is the small percentage of potential new customers that are most likely to respond. Not the big percentage that won’t, no matter what.

As a result there is no reason whatsoever to apologise to the Magic Margin for ‘daring’ to contact them, because the Magic Margin wants to hear your sales message.

They want to buy your product or service, for goodness sake!


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