Customer, forgive me for having dared to contact you…

As a freelance copywriter, one of the many things that has me screaming “Aaarrrgghh!” when I do a crit of a client-written sales letter is when it begins with something like: “Please forgive what is a direct approach…” Continue reading “Customer, forgive me for having dared to contact you…”


The copywriting or the design – which should come first?

A new client wants me to write the copy for a brochure. But I’ve told him what I tell everyone: the best way to produce the text for a brochure, leaflet, website or whatever is to send me a draft layout complete with ‘dummy text’ and headlines. This way – as the freelance copywriter – I can get a feel for the way everything fits together, see which images are being used, etc. And, in the case of printed brochures or leaflets, I can see how much space I have to play around with for the words. I rarely, if ever, write the copy first and wait to see how it fits into a design. Just sayin’…

It’s YOU’RE, not YOUR. YOU’RE with an apostrophe in the middle: Y-O-U-‘-R-E

I wish I had a £100 for every time I got a communication with YOUR instead of YOU’RE. I’d be RICH. For example “I appreciate YOUR busy…”, which came in an email this morning. I see this incorrect spelling of YOU’RE everywhere and not just in emails but in places where it shouldn’t be i.e. printed literature and websites. YOU’RE is short for YOU ARE. That’s why there’s the apostrophe; the two words are meshed together. YOUR is the ‘possessive’ i.e. “I appreciate YOU’RE busy because of YOUR heavy workload”. Got it?