I’m looking at the worst website I’ve seen in months!

In front of me on my PC screen is possibly the worst website I’ve seen in months. Thankfully it isn’t a client’s website; it’s a link I’ve been sent as part of some competitor research. And, boy, is this website bad. It is an absolute horror. I only wish I could include a link to it here.

It’s jam-packed with virtually every error known to copywriting man/womankind: spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, slang, ENDLESS UPPERCASE WORDS, underscores, bolds, sudden font colour / size / style changes, rambling copy, exclamation marks, cartoon drawings, huge photos, Headlines That Capitalise Each Word, Headlines That capitalize some Words But not others, truly awful ‘copywriting’, negative sections like ‘3 reasons why XXXX don’t contact us’… Oh my…

But at least it made me giggle. Which, on a day when my car broke down requiring an expensive repair, has brought some sunshine into my life.


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