Sorry, PC World, but I just don’t get the logic!

One of the beauties of being a freelance copywriter is that you can work from anywhere. Or at least you can when your laptop is working. My ancient little 10-inch notepad finally died today, so I ordered a new one from PC World attracted by the promise that “If your local store has the item in stock, you can reserve it online… Your item will be available for collection one hour after reservation…”

Then I noticed the receipt stated that I couldn’t collect it until a week on Thursday!

So I called Customer Services to ask them to check the stock at my local store which they did and – hey presto! – the store has two laptops in stock. What’s more, the other branch down the road ALSO has two in stock.

“So why can’t I collect it tomorrow?” I asked them. “Why the long wait until a week on Thursday?”

Well, that’s just the way it is, apparently.

But what I can do, they said, is to cancel my online order and then visit the store tomorrow and buy the product in the conventional way.

Sorry but am I missing something here?


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