How did Dry January go – and which are the best Low Alcohol Beers?

10896892_10153561531403327_5756922409279249065_nAs you may know, my husband and I have been doing a January DryAthlon for Cancer Research UK which meant no alcohol for the entire month. He did it; I fell at the last post when I had a ‘medicinal’ glass of wine 28 hours from the finish line. (Well, I had a heck of a horrible cold, so I needed cheering up!)

We still have to find a restaurant that serves low-alcohol or alcohol-free beer, sadly. And the stuff served in most pubs is pretty awful (the bar in the pic on the left being the exception) – and just as expensive, if not more, than the boozy stuff (which is just plain greedy considering there is no excise duty on drinks that do not exceed 1.2% by volume).

For example, we bought a round comprising 3 small 275ml bottles of Becks Blue Alcohol-Free beer in our local pub which came to over £9 – three times the supermarket price.

Anyhow here, in our opinion, are the Top Five Low Alcohol / Alcohol-Free Beers on the market:

1. Clausthaler Premium Alcohol-Free Lager
2. Bavaria Premium Non-alcoholic Malt
3. Krombacher Alcohol-Free
4. Sagres Zero Alcohol-Free Beer
5. Super Bock Twin Alcohol-Free Beer


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