I’m looking at the worst website I’ve seen in months!

In front of me on my PC screen is possibly the worst website I’ve seen in months. Thankfully it isn’t a client’s website; it’s a link I’ve been sent as part of some competitor research. And, boy, is this website bad. It is an absolute horror. I only wish I could include a link to it here. Continue reading “I’m looking at the worst website I’ve seen in months!”


Sorry, PC World, but I just don’t get the logic!

One of the beauties of being a freelance copywriter is that you can work from anywhere. Or at least you can when your laptop is working. My ancient little 10-inch notepad finally died today, so I ordered a new one from PC World attracted by the promise that “If your local store has the item in stock, you can reserve it online… Your item will be available for collection one hour after reservation…” Continue reading “Sorry, PC World, but I just don’t get the logic!”

Who owns the copyright to your copywriting?

Interestingly, from what the UK government says, from 1989 any work which someone (in our case as copywriters: the client) ‘ask[s] or commission[s] another person or organisation to create‘ (in our case: the copywriter) remains the copyright of ‘the person or organisation that created the work‘ and not ‘the commissioner, unless you otherwise agree it in writing’. So, unless you sign your work over to the client via a written agreement, you – the copywriter – retain copyright to everything you write. However, the government also says… Continue reading “Who owns the copyright to your copywriting?”

How did Dry January go – and which are the best Low Alcohol Beers?

10896892_10153561531403327_5756922409279249065_nAs you may know, my husband and I have been doing a January DryAthlon for Cancer Research UK which meant no alcohol for the entire month. He did it; I fell at the last post when I had a ‘medicinal’ glass of wine 28 hours from the finish line. (Well, I had a heck of a horrible cold, so I needed cheering up!)

We still have to find a restaurant that serves low-alcohol or alcohol-free beer, sadly. And the stuff served in most pubs is pretty awful (the bar in the pic on the left being the exception) – and just as expensive, if not more, than the boozy stuff (which is just plain greedy considering there is no excise duty on drinks that do not exceed 1.2% by volume).

For example, we bought a round comprising 3 small 275ml bottles of Becks Blue Alcohol-Free beer in our local pub which came to over £9 – three times the supermarket price.

Anyhow here, in our opinion, are the Top Five Low Alcohol / Alcohol-Free Beers on the market: Continue reading “How did Dry January go – and which are the best Low Alcohol Beers?”