That darn Google Penguin has been at it again

For YEARS my copywriting website was on page #1 of Google. Then came Google Penguin #1 and #2 and – ping! – it disappeared from page #1 overnight for the term ‘copywriter’. So I re-did the entire website, working hard on the SEO, and eventually crawled my way back to page #1 for ‘copywriter’. Ta-da! Until the other day when Google, in its wisdom, released Google Penguin 3 and – ping! – I’m back down the pages again for ‘copywriter’. I am at my wits’ end! Worse, it was rolled out on my birthday!

Interestingly, from what I can see, it’s pinged many of my fellow freelance copywriter websites down the website rankings, too. So they’ve been kicked in the you-know-whats as well.

Also, it looks as if many of the websites that now feature high up on Google for the term ‘copywriter’ are ‘how to be a copywriter’ courses, copywriting jobs, copywriter agencies and other stuff that’s irrelevant if you are a business searching for an experienced and affordable copywriter.

So, in a way, because you have to trawl through all this stuff to get to the true freelance copywriters, I am higher up the Google rankings in real terms than it initially appears.

But I am still on page #7 for ‘copywriter’ as of today.

And I don’t have any ‘spammy links’ and all the other stuff that the Penguin is supposed to penalise.

So, because I never really liked my re-vamped copywriting website that did finally make it back to page #1 of Google for ‘copywriter’ before Penguin #3 reared its ugly head, I’ve reinstated my original copywriting website again.

I can only guess that Google does it so we freelance copywriters spend money on Google Adwords…


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