I will say it again… Not all copywriters are the same…

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been sent a piece of copywriting, written by another copywriter, for my opinion. Invariably the sales letter, website or whatever it is isn’t getting results and, if recent examples are anything to go by, I’m not surprised.

The trouble is that, on the Net, anyone can set themselves up as a freelance copywriter. It’s not like getting a job as a copywriter in an advertising agency where you have to jump through countless hoops and be pretty damn brilliant at what you do.

With the Net, a would-be copywriter can just set up a website and they’re ready to go. They don’t need previous experience, they don’t need a real-world advertising agency background, they don’t need anything, really, except the confidence to claim that they are a copywriter. And, presumably, to undercut other copywriters when it comes to copywriting rates.

Yet, it seems, so many businesses get taken in by these ‘copywriters’.

And some of their stuff is truly appalling.

It really is vital that, if you are a business looking for a good copywriter, that you should check out their experience and credentials. For example, I’ve been copywriting for going on for 25 years. I also have a solid background in some of the North of England’s top advertising agencies.

Even as a freelance copywriter, I was hired by leading advertising and direct marketing agencies on a long-term basis (until I decided to work from home, building my own client base).

And I have worked on dozens and dozens of leading-brand accounts too numerous to list here.

So, as you can see, there are copywriters and there are copywriters.

Some are genuine copywriters with a solid copywriting background that stretches back decades plus a track record of getting great results for their clients whereas others are a complete waste of time and money.


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