Eee by gum, I’m from THE NORTH so I’m as tight as….

Even though I make shedloads of money as a freelance copywriter (I wish!!), I must admit that I like to do the majority of my weekly shop at discount store, Aldi, because I like their prices and products. And recent business reports tell me that I am exactly the kind of customer they want to attract i.e. what people might term as ‘middle class’. I am also from THE NORTH which is why, here in North Leeds (Moor Allerton), we have been given a brand spanking new Netto store. Apparently Netto is back in the UK after having sold up to ASDA in 2010. This time it’s building stores in partnership with Sainsburys – but, for the time being, only in THE NORTH.

According to the BBC business website yesterday, “Sainsbury’s customer base is largely in the south of England, where it is perceived as a middle-market supplier. Some analysts have questioned the merits of the deal to Sainsbury as it could undercut its own ranges, although with the Netto stores based initially in the north of England where Sainsbury’s is weak, the risk is reduced” because, presumably, THE NORTH is full of dole-claiming whippet racing flat-cap wearing working class people that live in back-to-back slums who don’t have two-ha’ppence to rub together.

Or it could be that we Northerners live up to our reputation as being as tight as a duck’s you-know-what…

Which is why we appreciate a bargain when we see it.

PS: I took a peek into the new Netto today. Nothing special. Not even with a great big yellow Lego scottie dog patrolling the streets of Leeds to publicise it. Or a bottle of Prosciutto for under £6.


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