Call me a cynical old copywriter but when it comes to Xmas ads…

I don’t doubt that social media is the way to go this Christmas if you want to sell stuff, which is why M&S is spending the lion’s share of its Christmas marketing budget on promoting its ‘Follow the Fairies’ campaign on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The M&S campaign is all about spreading Christmas cheer and encourages the public to perform random acts of kindness. It’s full of teasers like this one where you make a Christmas fairy bauble out of an old clothes peg, write a random act of kindness you will do on the back of the wings, then hand your home-made fairy to a member of M&S staff in-store so M&S can ‘use it for a very special cause’. Continue reading “Call me a cynical old copywriter but when it comes to Xmas ads…”


Naughty, naughty marketing trick by Nestle at Costco

cerealYesterday we went to discount warehouse Costco and came home armed with a shed-load of goodies, smugly satisfied at having grabbed some real bargains, especially the box of Nestle Cheerios with its slogan BIG 565g PACK (which came in a pack of 3) at £9.69 i.e. £3.23 per box. Not so, it seems. Our current pack of Cheerios (purchased from Tesco, usual price £3.19) contains 600g i.e. MORE than the so-called BIG 565g PACK from Costco – and without the huge slogan proclaiming the ‘bargain’. Yet the boxes themselves were the same size. Continue reading “Naughty, naughty marketing trick by Nestle at Costco”

I will say it again… Not all copywriters are the same…

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been sent a piece of copywriting, written by another copywriter, for my opinion. Invariably the sales letter, website or whatever it is isn’t getting results and, if recent examples are anything to go by, I’m not surprised. Continue reading “I will say it again… Not all copywriters are the same…”

That darn Google Penguin has been at it again

For YEARS my copywriting website was on page #1 of Google. Then came Google Penguin #1 and #2 and – ping! – it disappeared from page #1 overnight for the term ‘copywriter’. So I re-did the entire website, working hard on the SEO, and eventually crawled my way back to page #1 for ‘copywriter’. Ta-da! Until the other day when Google, in its wisdom, released Google Penguin 3 and – ping! – I’m back down the pages again for ‘copywriter’. I am at my wits’ end! Worse, it was rolled out on my birthday! Continue reading “That darn Google Penguin has been at it again”

Eee by gum, I’m from THE NORTH so I’m as tight as….

Even though I make shedloads of money as a freelance copywriter (I wish!!), I must admit that I like to do the majority of my weekly shop at discount store, Aldi, because I like their prices and products. And recent business reports tell me that I am exactly the kind of customer they want to attract i.e. what people might term as ‘middle class’. I am also from THE NORTH which is why, here in North Leeds (Moor Allerton), we have been given a brand spanking new Netto store. Apparently Netto is back in the UK after having sold up to ASDA in 2010. This time it’s building stores in partnership with Sainsburys – but, for the time being, only in THE NORTH. Continue reading “Eee by gum, I’m from THE NORTH so I’m as tight as….”

Why don’t some stores get it? It’s good old-fashioned customer service that counts.

Let’s face it. It doesn’t take much to be civil or friendly. I’m not talking about the ‘Have a nice day’ fake American-style greetings you get in some stores or restaurants: “How’s your day been so far?” or the, worse, “How are WE today?” I’m talking about good old-fashioned ‘corner shop’ style customer service. A genuine wish to be nice and to help. Continue reading “Why don’t some stores get it? It’s good old-fashioned customer service that counts.”