Great copywriting + poor customer service = fail

As I said to a new client the other day, I can produce the best copywriting in the world – copywriting that projects a business at its very best, but if an organisation’s follow-up or customer service isn’t up to scratch, then it will fail. This week – as a potential customer – I have been astonished at the response I’ve received when contacting various organisations for information. Zero. Zilch. Not a squeak.

Attracted by their glossy website, I emailed a hotel to see if they could store my bike overnight if I booked a room. I emailed a guesthouse to see if they had any vacancies at the end of August. I heard nothing. I tried desparately to get through to our local Halfords on several occasions only to be left hanging on the line with no-one answering the call. And, when they eventually did, they were less than helpful. And not at all friendly. (I see Halfords has been voted the worst for customer service in Which? High Street survey.)

Yet – also attracted by their glossy website – I emailed another B&B and hotel to see if they could store my bike overnight. Oh yes, they both said, we can store it in a lockable outhouse. But, if you’d rather not bring your bike, you can hire one in the local village.

So guess which accommodation I chose?

Guess which shop I won’t be using for my bike spares?


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