My, how BIG you’ve grown, Mr Client!

Yesterday I did a bit of work for four of my longest-standing and most successful clients. And it occurred to me that I’ve been with these clients since they were tiny, several years before the recent recession struck. Back in the day, the founder called to ask if I could help out with some copywriting: a brochure, sales letter or website. In one case it was simply to critique his existing marketing material to see where it could be improved. Today all four clients are BIG. In two out of four cases, the original founder has taken a back seat while a strong team of in-house marketers and sales people run his business for him. Two out of the four clients come from the manufacturing sector which is fantastic news, considering the way the recession decimated many British manufacturing companies.

And the great and exciting thing is that I have played a key part in their growth. Although I’m a freelance copywriter, I feel as if I’m as much part of these organisations as the paid employees. If you think of it like a family, I guess I’m that ‘aunt’ – the mom’s best friend who isn’t a blood relation but who’s very much part of the family dynamic.

I am also honoured to still be their first choice when it comes to copywriting. And long may it continue, because it’s so sad when an organisation gets so big that it’s bought out by an even bigger organisation – a company that often has its own marketing and advertising teams. As a result my freelance copywriting services are no longer required.

I am a firm believer that the best customer service is offered when a business remains small enough to really care about its products, services and customers. Surely only the person who has founded the business… who has nurtured it from an embryo into a successful growing concern… can be truly passionate about his or her organisation. And this kind of passion shows in the way a company interacts with its customers and the kind of products and services it provides.

The same goes for employees, a freelance copywriter or other third-party professionals that have worked with an organisation since it was tiny and watched it take its first steps towards success.

As their copywriter, I’ve helped to develop their language and tone of voice. I know their customers and products inside out. I know what makes customers tick, what they want from the company and its products, and how to talk to them in a friendly way that reflects the passion of a business that someone has nurtured from scratch.

I am so fortunate to have been working with all four of these lovely clients this week.

Oh, and one new client who I hope will – one day – become a long-standing client, too.


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