Saw plenty of this fencing today – and some…

I always thought this ad for steel security fencing was rather good. It won a D&AD award in 1994 (Art Director: Wayne Hanson, Copywriter: Graham Daldry, Advertising Agency: BDH Advertising Limited). Every time I see this type of fencing I think of that ad – and today, as I cycled to work along the (deceptively picturesque sounding) Wykebeck Way cycle route in North East Leeds, I saw plenty of security steel fencing.

DSC_0002That, and derelict garages, endless council estates, doggie doodas, rats and piles of rubbish littering a landscape that made me more worried about getting mugged than I am about getting mowed down by cars when cycling along our busy city streets.

Oh, and for the record, I didn’t have to cycle to work. The desk where I work as a freelance copywriter is just 10 paces or so from my bedroom, but I woke early, decided I could use some exercise so I got out the bike and did the 12-mile there-and-back route just to see what it was like.

Now I know.


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