Talking about collecting money…

It’s almost Friday – and Friday is Invoicing Day at Creative Copy Copywriting Services. It’s also Chasing Up Overdue Invoices Day. It never fails to astonish me how businesses differ when it comes to paying external suppliers like copywriters. Some of my clients (my favourite clients… ha ha, I wonder why…) pay the instant I send the invoice. Others (better still!) offer to pay in advance. And then there are the stragglers… Those businesses that stipulate 30 days or whatever but fail to keep to their side of the bargain. So I have to chase them up, often more than once. Sometimes over and over again.

It’s not fair. Freelance copywriters tend to be small businesses. Very small, in my case, as there’s only me. So when larger organisations (and they’re usually the culprits) hang onto my money for months despite numerous reminders to pay, it’s really not on. Especially when they’ve published my copywriting, either as a website, brochure, sales letter or whatever. Despite the fact that my Terms & Conditions stipulate that ownership doesn’t pass to the client until the money has changed hands.

Of course not all larger clients drag their feet. Some always pay on time, and I really appreciate this.

But it’s no surprise that, given that there are only 24 hours in any one day, if I’m going to allocate my copywriting time to a business, then priority is always going to go to those that pay on time.

I provide a prompt, high quality copywriting service for them, because I value their custom.

Also, the fact they are nice, honest, fair people to do business with reflects in the kind of copywriting I produce. I believe in their business. I like them as people. I get enthusiastic about their products and services. And it shows in the copywriting.

Food for thought, huh?


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