‘It’s not clear from your website what your company actually does’…

… I find myself saying to potential clients more frequently than I would like. The website features a lot of glossy images and text. But much of it is meaningless. And, importantly, it doesn’t answer the first and foremost question posed by potential customers i.e. ‘What’s in this for me?’ So I click onto the About Us page and that doesn’t say much either. But, invariably, there’s a page devoted to ‘vision’, ‘mission’, etc packed with meaningless “We aim to be” statements – virtual cabon copies of corporate jargon on zillions of other business websites.

Sometimes a business will say to me: ‘My website isn’t really there to attract business, simply to provide me with a web presence’.


Surely ANY company exists to attract business. No company can have ‘too much’ business. No company can afford to waste time and money on a glossy, meaningless website that just sits there and provides a ‘presence’.

Of course I can understand why some businesses might be reluctant to appear ‘salesy’ or ‘in your face’.

However what they can do, with a ‘presence’ website, is to convey their corporate personally as clearly as if a potential customer or client were meeting employees face to face.

I want to click onto a website and see instantly what a company is about – and feel that, yes, I like this company. The text is well-written, engaging and informative. Maybe it tells me something I don’t know, but which I feel better for learning.  And, yes, I could do business with these people.

Oh, and – importantly – I want to know that when I talk to these people in person I’m going to get the same warm feelings that I get when I read their web copy. If you’re telling customers you’re great people to do business with, then you better be great or else…

So, businesses, take a look at your websites and especially the Home and About Us pages. Or, even better, get an objective third-party to do it for you. (I offer a free 10-minute evaluation as part of my copywriting services.)

Do these pages clearly convey what your business is about? Or do they say nothing at all?

And, importantly, what kind of service can potential customers expect when they talk to your employees in person?


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