Something unmentionable is happening in Leeds today

As a copywriter based in Leeds, I think I qualify as a Leeds business. So I thought I’d check out the legal restrictions around the use of a certain international cycle race brand which is kicking off up the road from me in Leeds tomorrow (Saturday 5th July 2014). But what you can and can’t say seems to be incredibly restricting – and ambiguous to say the least. In other words, it’s not entirely clear whether I, as a Leeds business promoting my Leeds business (which, I guess, is the purpose of this blog), am permitted to mention the cycle race at all – by name, at least. Or even its initials. Or the title of the big kick-off / departure at Harewood tomorrow. Suffice to say that the roundabout up the road is awash with official banners and brightly-painted bicycles.

Yesterday Leeds City Council was installing barriers plus umpteen signs threatening to tow away any cars which are illegally parked. My sister is a volunteer marshall and has been issued with an even brighter outfit which she is allowed to keep forever as a souvenir. Me, well I might walk along and take a look. Because, here in North Leeds, walking is just about all you can do tomorrow because half the roads are closed to anyone except official cyclists.


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