A blast from my copywriting past

I’ve been sorting out my presence on LinkedIn, something I should have done ages ago – and, through LInkedIn, I’ve been connecting with many of my old comrades from my early days as a copywriter in Leeds and Bradford advertising agencies. Continue reading “A blast from my copywriting past”


Why it’s not always easy to give an instant copywriting quote

Buying copywriting isn’t like buying a product. By this I mean it’s virtually impossible to say instantly that 400 words of copy will cost you such-and-such. With copywriting there are so many factors to take into account, for example your market sector, your product or service and whether it’s copy for a website, brochure, sales letter or whatever. The price depends on how much information will be supplied. Will you require me to do all the background research? Or will you simply be providing me with a rough draft to knock into shape? Continue reading “Why it’s not always easy to give an instant copywriting quote”

Something magical has happened to Creative Copy

Just before I went on holiday to Devon, I had a play around with the Creative Copy Copywriting Services website. I decided it was high time that it became a responsive website design which works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. So I put on my geeky hat and, thanks to some html5 wizardry, Creative Copy now has a brand new look. And, if you’re viewing it on a desktop, just narrow the window to see it magically ‘pop’ into something a little smaller as the screen width reaches a certain pixel count. Now I need to do the same to my other websites, starting with my sales letter copywriting website, Profit Pulling Sales Letters.

Something unmentionable is happening in Leeds today

As a copywriter based in Leeds, I think I qualify as a Leeds business. So I thought I’d check out theĀ legal restrictions around the use of a certain international cycle race brand which is kicking off up the road from me in Leeds tomorrow (Saturday 5th July 2014). But what you can and can’t say seems to be incredibly restricting – and ambiguous to say the least. In other words, it’s not entirely clear whether I, as a Leeds business promoting my Leeds business (which, I guess, is the purpose of this blog), am permitted to mention the cycle race at all – by name, at least. Or even its initials. Or the title of the big kick-off / departure at Harewood tomorrow. Suffice to say that the roundabout up the road is awash with official banners and brightly-painted bicycles. Continue reading “Something unmentionable is happening in Leeds today”

Finally managed to log into my blog!

A few weeks ago I upgraded my PC which, of course, meant having to remember the umpteen passwords that the old computer automatically stored. Not to mention all the password changes following the recent breaches in security of sites like eBay, etc. But my own password hint was so cryptic that I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was, so it’s only today that I’ve successfully managed to log in. So I am back on my copywriting blog!