Grinning from ear to ear

Last week was a prime example of why I love copywriting for small and medium businesses. I’d been on the phone to a new client, chatting about his business which was already ticking along nicely. So nicely, in fact, that he’d made the decision to hire a freelance copywriter to help him out.

I liked this guy! And the more he talked about his business, and the more I clicked around his website, the broader the grin on my face. I could literally feel the passion and excitement that had gone into launching and growing this small business – and now I was being invited to be part of its future growth.

With the vast majority of my client base being long-standing regular clients, I’m a tiny bit choosy about who I work with when it comes to new clients.

The litmus test as whether or not I think we’ll ‘click’ is when I put down the phone at the end of the conversation with a big grin on my face.

The above guy passed with flying colours.

So did another guy I spoke to a couple of days ago.

This is why I love working for smaller businesses where real passion, clarity and excitement drives business growth.

And why I love being a freelance copywriter!


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