Feel the passion…

I’ve just written up the notes from a briefing session with an SME client I talked with over the weekend and already I can feel the passion in his message. This is one of the major reasons why I love copywriting for SMEs: because I get to work with the person that actually founded the business; the individual with the passion for driving it forwards. Immediately I want to be a part of this business growth and do my very best to do justice to their message. I want to reflect this genuine passion in the way I put the copywriting together.

With SMEs, I am working with the person or people who have invested everything – money, time, emotion… blood, sweat and tears – in making this SME business work, just as I have in my own SME business as a freelance copywriter.

This is something you don’t always get when, as a freelance copywriter, you’re liaising with some guy from a big marketing department who, maybe, is there one moment and gone the next. Someone who doesn’t have the same kind of passion that can only come from someone that’s nurtured a business from an embryonic ‘light-bulb’ moment into what it is today.

For example, one of my longest-standing SME client’s light-bulb moments took place in the pub over a pint when he was chatting to a friend.

Many, many years later the two of them have a thriving business that has bucked the general trend in UK manufacturing over the past five years and gone from strength to strength.

And it’s this passion that I like to get across on, for example, the About Us page of a website. Not just “We do this, we do that, we’ve been established for xx years…” but something unique that the SME business can bring to its clients: its genuine passion for making things work, and doing everything in their power to be the very best that they possibly can.

Working for people like this gives me such a buzz.


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