Nice people to do business with

After the festivities of Christmas, I made an on-the-spot decision to have a completely dry January. On Jan 1st, I Googled ‘alcohol-free red wine’ (because Merlot is my favourite tipple) and came across this SME: The Alcohol Free Shop, Manchester. A few moments later I’d placed an order; I didn’t even bother to look elsewhere. The order (of alcohol-free beers and de-alcoholised red wine) was delivered a couple of days later, faster than they’d promised, all very carefully packaged. Perfect. But my point is…?

They seemed like nice people to do business with. For a start, I could find my way around the website easily. And, most important of all to me as an SME copywriter, the copywriting was friendly and welcoming – almost as if I’d stepped into the shop in person and been greeted by the friendly owner. A friendly owner who was passionate about his product and business – and me, as a new customer – rather than one of those irritating in-your-face sales people. Like the sales guy who tried to sell me some expensive makeup in Tesco’s yesterday. (That’s another story…)

The copywriting talked directly to me, the customer, without any pomp and circumstance, and definitely no corporate gobbledygook.

Also, there were plenty of great testimonials which I ploughed through, mainly because – from experience – alcohol-free red wine can be pretty nasty. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t buying watered-down grape juice or vinegar.

It is now Day 11 of my alcohol-free January, and I am currently working my way through a mixed case of alcohol-free beers and another of alcohol-free red wines.

How’s the red wine going down? Not as well as the beer, TBH, which, on the whole, is pretty good. Mind you, I’m only on my third bottle of de-alcoholised wine, so I might be pleasantly surprised by the others in the mixed case.

But I am pleasantly surprised by this SME; by its website, its friendly copywriting, its testimonials and its excellent service.

Ten out of ten.


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