What’s my favourite kind of client?

Without a doubt, SMEs! Although, over the years, I’ve worked for dozens of top-name brands, primarily during my years as a full-time PAYE copywriter, my favourite kind of client is a small or medium sized business.

It’s something I was thinking about over Christmas. So, also over Christmas, I decided to launch a website aimed specificially at small and medium businesses.

Over the Christmas and New Year period I’ve been working on a brand new website: Copywriter4SME.co.uk and last weekend it went live. I got my first enquiry on Wednesday, so that’s not bad at all!

Since then I’ve been doing some html tweaks. The website structure is a template I purchased on Templatemonster during their half-price New Year sale. However the html is rather dated, so I’ve been busy updating it with lots more CSS-based html features which make it less code-heavy and easier to navigate.

I am such a geek! (As well as a freelance copywriter for SMEs!)

Oh, and doing my own html and (occasionally) purchasing low-cost templates to speed things along, is one way I keep my overheads down, which results in lower copywriter rates for my clients.

Excellent news for everyone.


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