A ghost story for 2014

Undercliffe Cemetery, BradfordI’m really into memoirs and autobiographies, but 99 out of 100 I begin reading (via Kindle free sample downloads) get discarded after the first page or so – if I get that far. And I have dozens more printed books which I started, but never got further than the first few pages.

They turn out to be dull, dry, get bogged down in irrelevant detail, take ages to get to the nitty gritty or just bore me to tears.

The (rare) books that keep me reading tend to be professionally¬† ‘ghosted’ memoirs and autobiographies where a professional ghostwriter has taken the author’s words and re-drafted or re-written them. Or interviewed the author and put their experience into words that keep the reader enthralled to the bitter end. Continue reading “A ghost story for 2014”


A curious re-branding exercise

ImageWhen I was a kid, Lucozade came in a tall glass family-sized bottle with nobbly bits on the top part, all wrapped in stiff yellow cellophane. Lucozade was a yellowy-orange sweet fizzy drink, something you bought from the chemist and which you only drank when you were sick. I loved the stuff. Whether or not it made me better, sooner, is disputable. But it definitely had the placebo effect; it was a real treat as I struggled with sniffles, tummy upsets, chickenpox or measles in the freezing cold, unheated bedroom of our 1930s suburban semi. Ill or tired, Lucozade aids recovery, my mother was informed. Continue reading “A curious re-branding exercise”

Feel the passion…

I’ve just written up the notes from a briefing session with an SME client I talked with over the weekend and already I can feel the passion in his message. This is one of the major reasons why I love copywriting for SMEs: because I get to work with the person that actually founded the business; the individual with the passion for driving it forwards. Immediately I want to be a part of this business growth and do my very best to do justice to their message. I want to reflect this genuine passion in the way I put the copywriting together. Continue reading “Feel the passion…”

Nice people to do business with

After the festivities of Christmas, I made an on-the-spot decision to have a completely dry January. On Jan 1st, I Googled ‘alcohol-free red wine’ (because Merlot is my favourite tipple) and came across this SME: The Alcohol Free Shop, Manchester. A few moments later I’d placed an order; I didn’t even bother to look elsewhere. The order (of alcohol-free beers and de-alcoholised red wine) was delivered a couple of days later, faster than they’d promised, all very carefully packaged. Perfect. But my point is…? Continue reading “Nice people to do business with”