Not all copywriters are the same, so beware!

Yet again I’m having to rewrite something produced by another ‘copywriter’ – a sales letter which is truly appalling and I’m not surprised that it failed to achieve a single sale. So the poor client is having to pay twice: for the first copywriter and now for me.

The trouble is that (as I alluded to in my previous post) literally anyone can set themselves up as a copywriter on the Net. It is a completely unregulated industry. Even copywriters that claim to have years of experience may never have worked in a heavyweight advertising or direct marketing agency – or had any kind of on-the-job training.

Unlike me.

And few will have had to get their copywriting through the kind of rigorous, almost brutal approval processes that exist in top advertising and direct marketing agencies. In the real world, if you’re a bad copywriter, you don’t get hired – or you get fired very quickly. That is if you can get as far as an interview…

So it figures that a copywriter with a proper advertising and / or direct marketing background is ALWAYS going to write better, stronger, more effective copy than a copywriter that’s simply set themselves up on the Net.

Get my point?

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